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  The institute was established in 1985 after the separation of NIPOST from its main body, the Post & Telecom (P&T).

Training Policy

Generally, training is a service function that provides Management with professional support as an organization strives to achieve the objectives setting it up. Specifically, training aims at increased effectiveness in organizations through attitudinal change, acquisition of skills and knowledge as well as self development.

Conventionally, Training was seen as a personal function which concentrated on giving newly recruited staff induction to enable them fit better in their respective roles in organizations. Also, from time to time, refresher courses were found relevant because of the need to update staff skills, knowledge and attitude in the accomplishment of tasks assigned to them which may be new or may involve technology new to them. In the contemporary world of enterprise however, training has assumed a more dynamic and pro-active posture.

Faced by a shrinking but more dynamic global system and controlled by increasing sophisticated technology, plus the intense competition occasioned by the above changes which have made the Human Resources in organizations even more intractable, training has become so central to organizational survival that organizations can only ignore it at their peril.

It is in realization of the above that training at NIPOST is aimed at equipping the organisation’s workforce with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to perform better on their job.